Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies – 2011

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A unique bi-annual journal written specifically for personal property appraisers. Edited by Todd Sigety, ISA CAPP, the content includes original research articles integrative reviews and topical discussions of professional appraisal issues and concerns from a variety of perspectives, theories and approaches.

The  2011 edition contains 24 articles with contributions from many nationally and internationally recognized personal property appraisers and from appraisal related industries such as auction houses, insurance brokerages, museums and cultural property conservationists.

Contributing Authors

  • Logan AdamsAuction Platforms in the Expanded Market
  • Soodie BeasleyFact and Illusion: Nude Woman in Pre-Hitlerian Germany
  • Jane C. Brennom – Social Media for the Appraiser: A Multi-Channel Approach
  • Ona CurranColonial New York Limners
  • Jan Robbins DurrSenior Market: Where Networks Work for Appraisers
  • Linda EatonErnest LoNano: Decorator’s Counsel
  • Charles FalcoHigh-Resolution Infrared Imaging of Paintings and Cultural Artifacts
  • Alexander GaydaschAppraising: Art or Science?
  • Katherine JentlesonThe Blue Chip Market of Grandma Moses: An Outsider Artist Inside the Mainstream Auction Market
  • Brian KathenesSelling Your Professional Appraisal Services and Products
  • Peter KostoulakosHow to Examine an Antique Painting
  • William NovotnyWhen Does USPAP Require a Competency Disclosure?
  • Ünsal ÖzdilekEssentials of Appraising Art
  • Tony PerniconeBeyond Auction Sales: Selecting Fine Art FMV Comparables
  • Newbold (Newbie) RichardsonTextile “Stuff”: How to Categorize, Evaluate and Value Historic Clothing, Fashion and Textiles
  • Steve RoachExamining the Rare Coin and Precious Metal Markets
  • Daphne Rosenzweig“Qianlong” – His Mark Lives On
  • Jerry SampsonDealing with Difficult Clients
  • Alexa ShitanishiThe Provenance Effect: An Analysis of the Effect of Ownership on the Value of Fine Art
  • Todd W. Sigety – Social Media for the Appraiser: A Multi-Channel Approach
  • Brenda Simonson-MohleArt Forgery: A Cautionary Tale
  • Ed TutenAppraising American Horse Drawn Carriages and Sleighs
  • Victor WienerThe Role of Appraisers in the Process of Authentication and in Other Related Valuation Issues
  • Charles WongThe Role of Appraisers in the Process of Authentication and in Other Related Valuation Issues

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